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Pediatric Nephrologist In Pune, India

Complex kidney (renal) condition supervised by the best team

While kidney diseases are often associated with poor lifestyles and old age, children also suffer from a host of issues related to their kidneys. The kidney diseases in children could be congenital (from birth) such as hydronephrosis or obstruction of the urinary tract. Children can also contract urinary tract infections, kidney stones, renal failure, and other diseases and medical issues.

The expertise and skills needed to treat children are very different from those needed for adults and are thus treated by a dedicated team of pediatric nephrologists. New Life Child Care Clinic & Hospital has a long history with new-born and childcare and it has been seen as a center of excellence for several specialties and this includes nephrology. With well-trained staff, modern facilities and medical equipment, Nephrologists can provide the right treatment, diagnosis, and care for any number of issues, be it simple or complex.

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